Vindem bijuterii confectionate din cristale Swarovski autentice, metale pretioase si nu numai. Va rugam sa ne contactati la adresa de email: pentru comenzi speciale ori pentru orice intrebare. Nu ezitati!

Coming tomorrow ...

Hollydays where something special this year and experienced a lot of new things. For first time i could see rain in Pafos:by the way, this is a part of my yard there, where autumn leaves never come :)
Also, my interest in making jewelry have moved for wire working and fabric jewelry. Hope you will like it, as seen in the first photo of the post.
Unfortunatly i could'nt work so much this summer, because of lack of time (mainly). But now, as i am home and a masters degree student, I will surely have more free time.
This is a photo taken in my last day in Pafos (i allready miss it, but im not worring because anyways next summer i will be there only:P):
As seen in the photo there where some big waves happening there, and this was kind of some fun thing and a thing i never experienced till now (because i was afraid:P).
This is my hand making "sheftallia" (another thing i first experienced), a cypriot dish:

I would write a little more, but now i really have to go to repair a necklace for someone. I will post a photo of it later, as I'm also doing this kind of "dirty jobs" :P. What can we do? Artists have to eat too....

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